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Making 'the wallpaper'...

One of my favorite parts about curating (or art creating, in general) is simply the process. Even though the Mansfield Art Center has an expansive layout, I will admit that I've been having the most fun specifically designing a smaller gallery room.

This room will act as a stepping point into Danny's imagination. He is an avid sketcher and pre-liminary drawer. Personally, I've always been drawn to drawings even more so than some finished works, and couldn't resist emphasizing these beautiful sketches he does. They are SO detailed. He has HUNDREDS. Each little character he draws is unique. Most of these tiny creatures never get seen...until now. :)

Our entire backyard was lined, literally side by side, with sketches upon sketches. It was hard to even walk around them there was so little space. I took a plethora of images and got to work.

Here is a draft of what will soon be installed as a 14 x 6 feet walk-in, gigantic sketchbook!

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